Taipei M Hotel - Main Station - Taipei, Taipei Municipality, 100, Taiwan

Great Tour with Taipei M!

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  • 九份照
  • 平溪天燈


The Ultimate Travel experience begins here, 

Discover. Explore. Experience the best of Taiwan

1Day Tour to the most visited Taiwan Tourist Attraction!

Taipei M Hotel caters an extraordinary set of exciting Tour packages to the various tourists destinations that will trully make you see the beautiful sceneries and attractions spotted in Taiwan.

Set of Packages:

  • 1-2 persons - 3500NT 
  • 3-4 persons - 4000NT
  • 5-7 persons - 5000NT

It's a Private Car with an awesome Chauffer perfectly arrange per reservation. The tour is good for 8 Hours. Extention beyond the alloted time will be charged of 500NT per hour.

Choices of Favorite Destinations

3 ~ 4 attractions



Shihfen Waterfall

Keelung Night Market

Gold Museum


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