Taipei M Hotel - Main Station - Taipei, Taipei Municipality, 100, Taiwan

What set Taipei M Outstanding

  • The Great team of Professionals

The sense of genuine hospitality will humbly be felt upon the first glance as the guest will inevitably be welcome by the Fascinating smile and warm greetings from our Professional Staffs. The hotel is very proud with its great team of professionals capable of providing great customer service. All the hotel staff embodied the core values that represents the passion and dedication of creating a personalized hospitality services genuinely offered with a heart. We value our guest and their time. We lived by the Founder’s Legacy of offering the World only the finest.

• The Best Rate Guarantee

Taipei M Hotel caters the Worldwide guests with an extensive best deal ever. We offered a very reasonable rates considering all the Business and Leisure Travelers. As we always say ‘Pay the room and we give the rest’ and this we always make it happen.

The hotel always highlights its Best Rate Guaranteed by booking directly. 

  • The Recognitions

The hotel has undeniably gained a numerous positive reviews and palpable awards from the various leading Travel Agencies local and international. The appreciation that has multiplied till then makes the Taipei M Hotel the competitive hospitality industry that provides the highest level of hospitality services.

  • The Hospitality

Taipei M Hotel provides everything that the guest could possibly need in a complimentary basis. As a matter of fact almost all the recreational areas and related supplementary that is necessary needed by our in house guests are Free of Charge.


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